Tactically Charting your Course!
‘We cannot direct the Markets, but we can adjust the sails.’–Joe Cantu
Tactically navigating rough seas with leadership at the helm…
Like your sails, read the telltales of the Market to fine tune your course.
Set your lines to cut losses quicker and capture gains …

Cantu Tactical Wealth Management utilizes one of the most proactive approaches to money management in the industry. Markets advance and decline rapidly and traditional brokers, financial planners and consultants tell you to “buy and hold”. Unfortunately, they are collecting a fee as asset gatherers rather than truly working to manage your money as asset managers. Times have changed and investors are smart and searching for active money management with better performance.

Cantu Tactical Wealth Management is a Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA) Manager with stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and alternatives focused on lowering costs, transparency and income in the pursuit of performance.

Our goal is wealth preservation and wealth creation focused on performance. We pursue this by mitigating the downside while taking upside opportunities in changing markets. Performance is our goal regardless of market trends. – Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer

Tactical Momentum Strategy

Cantu Global Tactical Momentum Strategy seeks investment positions with momentum in the current business cycle through stocks and ETFs with lower costs rather than traditional mutual funds with fat fees. In many cases you may find that we can cut your investment expenses by as much as 30% to 50% if you are still using these Open-End mutual funds, separately managed accounts or alternative investments.

Transparency is provided in your tactical portfolio by the ability for you to view all the investments at your custodian on your iPad, iPhone, laptop or other electronic devices for transparency.

Unlike traditional managers, who sit on your assets when the Market is falling, our goal is to mitigate the downturn in losses and actually sell selected positions. When Markets are moving up, our disciplined tactical process seeks investments with momentum in order to participate in rallies.

Again, the objective is to create a well diversified portfolio with stout income streams while maintaining a disciplined approach in sector rotation on equity investments and stocks adjusted and focused for the highest possible performance. As tactical wealth advisors we are much more proactive than traditional investment advisors.

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ETFs in a tactical portfolio provide the investor with low cost, transparency, global diversification and income. This kind of investing using ETFs is also called indexing.

Tactical ETF portfolios are available at Cantu Tactical Wealth Management in a proactive global balanced format. We use a rules based disciplined approach searching for momentum managers for principal gain on stock ETFs and Bond ETFs. These equity ETF managers and fixed income ETF managers are discovered using our proprietary hunt criteria P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E. approach. Tactical ETF portfolios can provide an additional diversity performance opportunity for investment portfolios and pension plans.

The diversity of ETFs is global with investments in all countries and all major asset classes such as stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, currencies, inverse counter markets and leveraged funds. US investors do not have to be content with poor performing markets in the United States. They can add a portfolio of global ETFs with income diverse sectors, countries from Latin America to the Far East and the ever expanding countries of India, China and Taiwan.

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We are Active Stock Trader Advisors with Fiduciary Responsibility.

As Active Stock Trader and Registered Investment Advisors in wealth management, our firm provides low cost, transparency, global diversification, income and fiduciary responsibility on your investment portfolios. We use a disciplined tactical approach in finding those stocks and investments searching for momentum through our proprietary hunt criteria called P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E approach.

We are approved on the institutional trading platforms for Fidelity Investments and Schwab discount brokerage firms. The reduction of costs in your Portfolio of investments may translate to added performance in selecting the Custodian to hold your assets. Cantu Tactical Wealth Management is the registered investment advisor directing the trades in your portfolio for wealth management. We are, in fact, active asset managers and have Fiduciary responsibility.

Fiduciary responsibility, unlike your broker, who may not have this higher level of management is essential understanding the care we take in investment selection and why we sell down to reduce risk in weak markets and hunt for diamonds which may give us the performance in changing economic environments.

You will know many of the stock investments in the portfolio because of our selection method and may have fixed income bond investments and foreign country investments through the use of exchange traded funds for balanced accounts.

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Navigating Financial Markets in the Storm of Volatility.