Gary Klabunde, Investment Advisor | Vice President

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Gary Klabunde

Gary Klabunde, Investment Advisor

Gary Klabunde, Investment Advisor |
Vice President


Gary Klabunde is an Investment Advisor, Vice President, Registered Investment Advisor for the states of California, Florida and Texas. His asset management duties lead to in depth research analysis for global stocks, commodities and international securities searching for momentum performance investments. On the fixed income side of the equation, he hunts for bond investments having principal gain trends and international local currency bonds that assist portfolios in a weak US dollar environment. Gary is a fiduciary Consultant for Defined Benefit Plans, 401(k) and other retirement programs.

As a Cyber-Technology educated retired United States Air Force Officer with the rank of Colonel, he brings a strong background in analytic decision making, portraying the highest ethical standards in investment management. As an active GTAA, Global Tactical Asset Allocation investment portfolio manager with over 17 years of personal experience trading stocks, his technical analysis background provides a keen ability to identify the equities most likely to outperform in the sectors exhibiting the greatest momentum. Additionally, he is responsible for conducting quantitative and qualitative performance evaluations of investments. A Client’s tactical investment assets are his priority and Gary’s strategic oversight abilities are followed by his “Texas” care and concern for the pursuit of high income and growth performance in these global markets.


Master of Science in Computer Science from the Air Force Institute of Technology, specializing in Software Engineering.
Master of Science in National Resource Strategy, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, Ft McNair, Washington, DC
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin
He was a Distinguished Graduate (top 10%) from the following programs: AF ROTC at UT-Austin, Information Systems Officer Course, Squadron Officer’s School, and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Professional Education

Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces where he took courses in economics and leadership. His Master’s thesis involved a KPMG sponsored analysis of companies in various industries to include Caterpillar, Limited Brands,, UPS, IBM, Dell, and Toyota among others.

Employment History

Investment Advisor | Consultant, Vice President
2014 – Current Cantu Tactical Wealth Management, Inc.: A registered investment advisor for the states of Florida, California and Texas. An asset manager and conducts research analysis for global stocks, commodities, international securities and fixed income investments with growth and high income potential focusing on momentum performance investments. He is a GTAA Global Tactical Asset Allocation asset manager for personal investment portfolios, IRAs, other RIA firms and a fiduciary Consultant for Defined Benefit Plans, 401(k)s and other retirement plans.

Manager, Project Management
2012 – 2014 Rackspace Hosting: Managed a team of project managers providing improved products and services for customers. Directly managed projects associated with billing, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, General Ledger postings, revenue assurance, taxation, and financial accuracy for a $1 billion company.

Senior Project Manager
2011 – 2012 Stratos Global: Managed 8 projects delivering voice, video, and data communications capabilities for oil platforms in the coastal regions of the Gulf of Mexico

Director, Business Development
2010 – 2011 AECOM: Reviewed Requests for Proposals and researched companies to strategically partner with in pursuit of government contracts. Developed proposals highlighting our superior capabilities to address every aspect of the government agencies’ needs.

Cyber-Communications Officer, US Air Force
1986 – 2010 United States Air Force: Delivered superior communications, internet, and software capabilities for various units strengthening the ability of the US Air Force to deter aggression and deliver decisive offensive capabilities as needed. Gary served as a US Air Force Commander on three occasions and led teams of over 140 people and was directly responsible for a US Air Force communications portfolio valued at $11 billion.

Commander, Colonel US Air Force
2006 – 2008 United States Air Force: Air Force Frequency Management Agency, Secretary of the Air Force-Warfighter Systems Integration, The Pentagon, Washington, DC

Commander, Lieutenant Colonel US Air Force
2001 – 2003 United States Air Force: Air Force Education and Training Command Computer Systems Squadron, Randolph AFB, TX

Commander, Major US Air Force
1996 – 1998 United States Air Force: Commander, 886th Communications Squadron, Sembach Annex, Germany

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