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Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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Tactical Stock Trading Highlights

Tactical Active Stock Trader Advisor

As a Tactical Active Stock Trader Advisor we are so different than traditional Brokers and Financial Planners who use old traditional Mutual Fund selections. Traditional Brokers and Financial Planners use Modern Portfolio Theory to diversify a Investment Portfolios based some diversification of mathematical averages and asset allocation weightings. They do not necessarily take into account the current business cycle and the current performance of industry sectors in the current real business world. This is where our tactical asset management Stock Trading steps in and separates itself above the rest of its competitors in the Active Stock Management of your Portfolio.

Tactical management defines “how” your assets are managed versus the “Strategy” used with traditional Brokers and Financial Planners which defines “what” is to be done with the assets. Traditional Brokers and Financial Planners may not actually manage the money, but farm out to other mutual funds to manage. So, if they are not, actually, managing the money why are you paying them a fee?

An active stock trader advisor, Cantu Tactical Wealth Management “sells” down to mitigate losses and take profits. Unlike traditional Brokers and Financial Planners which may ride down the Market allowing you to take the losses and tell you to “sit tight”…

Cantu Tactical Stock Trading uses the real world company’s business momentum performance in our stock selection and active sector rotation focusing on transparency and lowering costs. How do we make money? We make money from our performance today moving forward, not looking back. – Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer

As Tactical Active Stock Traders, we are proactive in our stock selections and sector rotations for the goal of greater Portfolio performance.

At Cantu Tactical Wealth Management our Stock Trading actually “sells” down to mitigate losses or take profits in falling Markets and takes responsibility for the performance. In many cases the traditional Brokers and Financial Planners ride down the Market allowing you to take the losses and tell you to “sit tight”.

The Tactical Stock Trading approach focuses on active investments on Stocks you may know. Many of the Stocks in your Portfolio you will use their products or services. In addition, you may hear or see them mentioned on television financial channels.

Modern Portfolio Theory leads with fundamental analysis and then uses technical analysis and tactical allocation for the final investment selections. Conversely, Tactical management leads with technical analysis and uses fundamental analysis for asset allocation diversification. Again, the Cantu Tactical Active Stock Trading Strategy is one of the most proactive in the industry in lowering costs, mitigating losses, providing higher transparency and faster Stock rotations with momentum in the current business cycle.

Understanding the Active Stock Trading Tactical Strategy combined with the Active Stock Trading Methods of Analysis provides a full perspective of Cantu Tactical Asset Management in the stock trading arena.

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