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Active Stock Trader Method of Analysis

Active Stock Trader Advisors Method of Analysis leads with pro-active economic GDP analysis. Sector Rotation is then used for a change in asset classes and equity positions. The GDP, Gross Domestic Product, will be evaluated for the US for equity to fixed income weightings. Then Momentum for global Stock and ETF selections for regions and nations are discovered and applied using technical analysis.

Managers selected may be Index ETF’s, Open-End Funds, Closed-End Funds, and SMA Fund managers. Unless managers can demonstrate a superior asset management attribute, Index ETFs will be selected for recommendation because of their lower costs, higher transparency and higher tradability. Technical and fundamental analysis are used in their search selection. Furthermore, economic indicators will be used to determine overall IPS Asset Allocations.

Our Active Stock Trader Method of Analysis is as follows:

P = Performance of Country GDPs (Gross Domestic Product)

R = Risk Analysis – Current Business Market Cycle

O = Operations of Company or Broad Index Classes

A = Asset Allocations – Sector Industries

C = Current Stock Momentum

T = Transparency, Tradability, Tactical Nature

I = Institutional Recognition, Ranking and Research

V = Volume Trading

E = Expenses and Costs Reduction

Tactically navigating rough seas with leadership at the helm. – Joe Cantu — Chief Investment Officer

The Active Stock Trader Advisors Tactical Strategy drives the Global industry sector rotation delivering fresh new investments to your portfolio in our tactical wealth management.

Investing in securities involves risk of loss that investors should be prepared to bear.

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