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Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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Tactically charting your financial course with Tactical Management

Tactically Charting your Course!

What is Tactical Wealth Management?

Tactical Management defines “how” assets are managed versus Strategy which defines “what” assets are managed and the allocation. This is very different from traditional investment manager’s style of investing whom adopt an asset allocation for the entire investment plan based on mathematical diversification. Tactical managers, on the other hand, pursue real world investment positions and allocations constantly changing as the market trends dictate. As you can see, tactical management is much more proactive for the investor.

“Top-Down” Tactical Economic Active Stock Trading

Our Global Tactical Asset Allocation Management uses a “Top-Down” tactical economic active stock trading approach keying on reducing downside risk and searching for opportunistic target values. Portfolios also attempt to generate higher income streams adding stability in unpredictable markets. We use stocks and ETFs or index ETF managers providing the Alpha of growth to target performance and actuarial goal percentages for pension plans or the desired Plan targets. Stocks may consist of global companies, energy, precious metals such as gold, silver, drugs, consumer, engineering stocks, REITS (real estate) and investment trusts. Fixed income will consist of US, international and a myriad of taxable bonds, various types of global Bond Investments. Tax exempt bonds are used for high income investors in non-retirement accounts.


The objective is to create a Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA) portfolio of well diversified investments with stout income streams while maintaining a disciplined approach in stock selection while focusing on active management for the highest possible performance. Understanding the asset management strategy and asset management method of analysis gives you a broad perspective of the Cantu Tactical Wealth Management approach.

Cantu Tactical Momentum Strategy Performance

Investing in securities involves risk of loss which investors should be prepared to bear.

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