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Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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Cantu Tactical Momentum Analysis

The Cantu Tactical Momentum Strategy Analysis reviews GDP, Gross Domestic Product, for the US evaluation of equity to fixed income weightings. Portfolio income needs are defined and pursuit of the best global investments are searched for momentum using technical analysis. We also believe in principal gain for fixed income investments. Above all, we will sell selected position to cash in declining markets.

Only publicly traded securities are used such as Stocks, International Bonds, and ETF’s with technical and fundamental analysis for selection. Furthermore, economic indicators will also be used to determine inflationary concerns and asset allocation.
Performance is our goal regardless of market trends. – Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer

Our Method of Analysis is as follows:

P = Performance Momentum

R = Risk Analysis

O = Outside Influences, Global Events

A = Asset and Allocations – Size, Debt, Portfolios

C = Current Earnings, Revenue and Debt

T = Timing and Transparency

I = Internal Analysis

V = Value vs. Price

E = Expenses and Cost Reduction

Cantu Tactical Momentum Strategy Performance

Investing in securities involves risk of loss that investors should be prepared to bear.

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