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What are the key relationships between economic indicators and indices everyone should be aware of?

Economic Indicators Oct 20, 2013 Update For the week gold is strong GLD, I like silver SLV, but I must admit these two commodities are very volatile. Equities continue to look strong and Europe such as VGK are on the move with Spain EWP leading the way beating the US S&P 500 SPY, VOO & IVV. Telecomm has had a …

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Why aren’t mutual funds obligated to more clearly report the fees they deduct from shareholders?

Complete Question: Why aren’t mutual funds obligated to more clearly report the fees they deduct from shareholders? We have transparency in most areas, but my mutual fund statements never explicitly show the amount of fees taken in quarterly/annual fees by the Funds — it is mixed in with “change in market value” on my statements. I bet that most people …

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How can the current/past stock price of company be calculated?

There are numerous ways to calculate the price of a stock all covered in “Investment Security Analysis” How to Calculate a Stock Price However, the best answer is know that the stock market is a Bid – Ask process and a stock price is worth what someone is willing to Buy and the other person is willing to Sell it …

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Is the FED’s deliberate policy of low interest rates making things worse for the states, given their significant unfunded pension obligations?

This answer to this question is from the point of view of a fixed income investor or a pension board which is disappointed at the low interest income received on bonds: Low Interest Rates I believe the Fed looks at everything, but the main reason they keep low rates is to encourage investment and promote business. If rates are low, …

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What is a good way to utilize big data to find investment opportunities or next rising sectors?

As a professional I have expensive momentum programs that scan over thousands of global stocks and engineered proprietary algorithms to find these Performance stocks. However, there are simple ways a retail customer can find those hidden gems of stocks or fixed income investments. Answer: Stocks (When Stocks are Moving Up) The US stock market has to be moving up for …

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