Cantu Tactical Momentum Strategy Performance

Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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Our strategy is Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA). The Portfolio is actively managed for wealth creation and is comprised of stocks, bonds, and commodities in the pursuit of momentum performance. We lead with global economic indicators for overall weightings of asset classes; then follow with technical industry sector analysis. Industry selections focus on energy, technology, healthcare, retail, materials, International ETFs outperforming the US and commodities such as gold. For income, we key on global utility and real estate stocks (REITS), US and foreign bonds, International dividend stocks, preferreds and convertible securities.

In down markets, rather than “buy and hold”, we adopt a “sell” and hedging strategy to mitigate losses, take profits and seek performance in down markets. Our objective is to make money in both directions of the market. We use counter-market investments to pursue this goal. Other Advisors may sell to cash, which is a non-performing asset class. Strategic or Tactical strategies that sell to cash provide one-direction returns; while we strive for performance in up or down markets regardless of market trends.

Investments are initially screened for their asset class momentum using technical analysis. Qualitative PROACTIVE research is done above for internal analysis. Quantitative analysis is done for the “Drilled Down” selection process for final sub-asset Industry sector securities and portfolio fit. The pursuit of absolute return and higher performance is always the goal.

Performance is our goal regardless of up or down market trends. – Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer

Cantu Tactical Global ETF Strategy – GTAA

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Cantu ETF Strategy Performance
Cantu Tactical Performance

Cantu Tactical Momentum Strategy – GTAA

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Cantu Tactical Performance
Cantu Tactical Performance

Cantu Tactical Income Strategy – GTAA

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Cantu Tactical Performance
Cantu Tactical Performance

Cantu Tactical Market Timing Strategy – GTAA

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Cantu Market Timing Performance
Cantu Market Timing Performance

Cantu Tactical Hedge Fund Strategy – GTAA

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Cantu Hedge Fund Strategy Performance
Cantu Hedge Fund Strategy Page 2 Performance

The tactical wealth approach combines strategy with the asset management method of analysis for the pursuit of investment selection leading to performance.

Investing in securities involves risk of loss that investors should be prepared to bear.

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