Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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As a pension plan Consultant our philosophy applies a Tactical approach to asset management. The tactical method is well fitted for volatility regardless of market direction.

Tactical Investments

Cantu Tactical Wealth Management separates itself from traditional managers in the investment selection process. Traditional consultants look for past performance while our Tactical method seeks forward momentum performance from selected investments.

Tactical management leads with technical analysis followed by fundamental analysis for asset allocation. While, Traditional management leads with fundamental analysis and followed by technical analysis for asset allocation. Both methods work, but the tactical method is proactive rather than reactive.

Our Goal

As tactical consultants our goal is to lower costs, select investment positions with momentum, provide higher transparency and ensure owners, trustees and boards are involved in the investment process seeking greater performance in our fiduciary responsibility. Cost reduction is simple and directly adds to performance. The momentum of investment positions provides greater assurance for better performance. Greater transparency offers the ability to view your investment positions on your mobile devices. Knowledge is power and having greater transparency enhances better understanding.

Cantu Tactical Wealth Management hopes to be part of your pension management in lowering costs, providing momentum investments and higher transparency which may lead to achieving the actuarial goals of your pension plan.

Complimentary Tactical Management Presentations Available Upon Request.

Navigating Financial Markets in the Storm of Volatility™