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Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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Our ETF Tactical Portfolios are a diverse global equity, fixed income and commodity asset allocated group of index ETF fund managers. Asset management is proactive with industry sector rotation of the investment positions in the pursuit of performance and income. See our Tactical Momentum Portfolios for greater investment performance utilizing stocks.


ETF index fund manager benefits provide investors with low internal fees, tradability, transparency, global diversification, income, live pricing and simple momentum determination.


Index ETFs have 30% to 50% less internal costs than traditional open-end mutual funds, SMAs and Alternatives. Since there are no internal transactions of securities in an ETF, expenses are kept to a minimum. Since ETFs have arrived on the scene, it is now considered in the industry that traditional mutual funds, SMAs and alternatives have fat-fees and ETF are skin-and-bones of costs. As a result of these lower fees there is more pure performance of the underlying investments (up or down). ETFs are truly an improvement in lowering investment costs. It is important to hire an investment manager who understands the proper selection of these ETFs. “ETF Bond income adds to performance in down-markets, much like a spinnaker adds to performance in downwind conditions.” — Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer


Tradability is one of the most proactive aspects of ETFs. The problem with most traditional managers is that they ride down the fund and take severe losses before they sell-out and remove the fund. The solution is ETFs because they are priced and trade on the Stock Exchanges. Now it is possible to rotate and remove an entire asset class or broad industry within minutes. It truly is revolutionary and peace of mind to know you are not held captive by the markets. Instead you can take advantage of market cycles with the ease of movement between your asset classes.
In order to embrace this proactive advantage aspect of ETFs it requires an asset manager who is familiar with the ETF markets, understands where to execute a favorable price, follows the world economic markets and has a proactive system which changes ETFs with market trends. Cantu Tactical Wealth Management has this system in place, understands world economic markets and is proactive in ETF portfolio management.


You are able to see the daily pricing on ETFs on your iPhone, iPad, Laptop or other electronic devices. Greater transparency may lead to superior performance by understanding the types of managers whom perform the best in each business cycle. This leads to the fine tuning of your ETF managers. Lastly, you are able to see a list of securities in the ETF at the end of the trading day published at the fund managers website.


Global diversification is taken to the next level by having investments from around the world in a myriad of industry asset classes. ETFs have such global diversity with investments in many countries and all major asset classes such as stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, currencies, inverse counter market and leveraged funds. Investors do not have to be content and held captive with poor performing markets and they can add a portfolio of global ETFs with countries such as Latin America to the ever-expanding countries of India, Taiwan and China.


ETFs can supply constant income for retirement plans and underperforming markets. Income is provided from fixed income investments from around the world. In addition, international ETF funds may add interesting diversity for the pursuit of principal and income gains.


Cantu Tactical Wealth Management uses momentum identification for ETF managers in our current business cycle. When this momentum diminishes, we look to take profits and rotate to new ETFs. We have a disciplined rules based approach for the overall allocation and ETF manager selections. Our rules based system follows GDP and sector momentum and the manager search system is called P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E. Unlike traditional Advisers and Consultants we measure the performance of the manager against his price performance rather than the benchmark. This disciplined method allows for quicker manager rotations in the pursuit of overall portfolio performance.


Tactical ETF portfolios are available at Cantu Tactical Wealth Management. We use a disciplined rules based approach seeking momentum managers for principal gain on stock ETFs and Bond ETFs. These equity ETF managers and fixed income ETF managers are discovered using our proprietary hunt criteria P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E. approach. Tactical ETF portfolios can provide an additional diversity of performance opportunity for investment portfolios and pension plans.

Global ETF Tactical PortfolioExample of ETF Super Asset Class Diversification


We offer Global ETF Portfolios with disciplined Rules based sector manager rotation. As the market moves in either direction we, likewise, take corrective actions to mitigate the down markets and take advantage of the up markets. Our disciplined approach uses a proprietary search method called P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E. hunting for ETFs with momentum in our current real world business cycle.

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