Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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The Cantu philosophy adopts a Tactical Momentum Strategy in the active pursuit of investment performance regardless of Market Trends. We are active stock trader advisers for Global Tactical Asset Allocation, GTAA, using stocks and bond ETFs. As Stock Markets move down we take profits and actually sell down to mitigate losses. And as World Stock and Bond Markets move up we hunt for opportunities and seek new Portfolio momentum investments. Again, when global events, economics or business change the direction of the Global Markets, then our Tactical momentum philosophy proactively adjusts the stocks and ETFs in your Portfolio.

The Cantu philosophy adheres to a disciplined proprietary method of analysis called P.R.O.A.C.T.I.V.E. This “top-down” money management approach leads with global economic analysis for Super Asset Class Allocations of Equity versus Fixed Income to technical and fundamental analysis for the final investment selections. This goal of this method of analysis is to provide principal protection while seeking investment opportunities in a disciplined manner for the Cantu philosophy.

The Cantu philosophy advocates lowering costs; providing transparency; and dividend income to apply to portfolio performance. What we mean by this, is that lowering costs may add performance by saving money to your bottom line. Good transparency allows our clients to view their performance and investments on a daily basis. Also, we believe Bonds should be managed for principal gain while pursuing stout income streams which may assist in unpredictable Markets to add to Portfolio performance.



The goal is to rotate into your next stock or asset class and take advantage of the changing Economics in the Markets. Do not be submissive to the Markets, but instead take action posturing your investments for future performance. – Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer

What Makes Us Different From Traditional Brokers or Financial Planners?

We are not like traditional brokers, advisors, financial planners or consultants who charge a fee and hope investments work using a strategy to buy and hold. When the Market falls they just ride it down and convince the client to hold on hoping it comes back. Unfortunately, many investors in 2008 have still not recovered their money using this buy and hold strategy. It could be said that these type of advisors may have a goal to be assets gatherers rather than active stock trader asset managers such as Cantu Tactical Wealth Management.

Modern portfolio theory promotes diversification on an average mathematical basis rather than adding stocks which have momentum in the real world business cycle. Consultants are quick to point out studies of staying in the market and missing the ten best days. Conversely, getting out of the market and missing the ten worst days produces significantly more of a return to the bottom line. Cantu Tactical Wealth Management looks at today’s real business cycle and searches for stocks with forward momentum. When markets go down, we mitigate losses sooner by reducing or removing equity positions and actively shifting to fixed income or cash. We are not like traditional advisors, we are tactical active stock trader Advisors in the pursuit of momentum performance.


The Cantu Global Tactical Asset Allocation Management strategy keys on economic indicators to take portfolio action reducing downside risk and searching for opportunistic target values. Portfolios may use income streams adding stability for unpredictable markets and stocks or ETFs providing the Alpha of growth and value focusing on performance. Stocks may consist of global companies, energy, metals such as gold, REITS (real estate) and ETFs (exchange traded funds). Fixed income will consist of US, international and a myriad of taxable bonds, various types of global funds and ETFs constantly discovering new investments for growth and diversification. Tax exempt bonds are used for high income investors. For the balanced portfolios we seek strong income streams and add equities who display momentum in the current business cycle. Portfolios target high income bonds and high dividend ETFs. Cantu Tactical Wealth Management is an active stock trader seeking momentum.

Investopedia defines Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) as the strategy of rebalancing the percentage of assets held in various categories in order to take advantage of market pricing anomalies or strong market sectors.

Investing in securities involves risk of loss that investors should be prepared to bear.


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