RIA Fiduciary Duties

Tactical Asset Management: The Active Pursuit of Investment Performance Regardless of Market Trends
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RIA Fiduciary Duties
“Stay ahead of the pack; make decisions quicker and rotate to your next investment position sooner by navigating tactically.” — Joe Cantu, Chief Investment Officer



As a fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor, we perform the following duties:


  • We will conduct stock and ETF searches and the selection process when requested.
  • Provide comparisons of performance of Fund’s portfolio to an index.
  • Provide pursuit of transparency with custodian to view performance at Fidelity© or Schwab© websites.
  • Provide periodic educational services upon request.
  • Performance measurements and evaluations, both quantitative and qualitative, of investments. These may include stocks, fixed income, and domestic and international equity ETFs in the Portfolio.
  • Provide annual reviews as RIA Fiduciary Duties.


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