Ronald Liston, Investment Advisor | Vice President

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Ronald Liston

Ronald Liston, Investment Advisor

Ronald Liston, Investment Advisor |
Vice President


Ronald Liston is an Investment Advisor, Vice President, and Registered Investment Advisor for the states of California, Florida and Texas. His client goal, to find a more efficient solution in asset management, results in higher performance at a lower cost. Ronald provides access to equity, fixed income and commodity global strategies and balances these industry sectors for momentum. Ronald is a fiduciary who puts the client first in this trusted level of responsibility.

Ronald Liston has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences focused on Renewable Natural Resources. He has held positions as a science teacher in the Montgomery Independent School District in Texas, and from 1984-2004 was Director of Finance, Marketing & Sales for Jimmy Copeland Dealerships. His professional programs included DaimlerChrysler Business Management Program, Gulf States Toyota School of Finance, and Service Lloyds Insurance School. He also attended the Institute for Teachers Teaching Gifted & Talented and the University of Texas Tyler Project on design, modeling and automation robotics. Ronald has been active in the Market for over 22 years and a member of the GTAA, Global Tactical Asset Allocation, strategy for over 18 years. The tactical allocation of a client’s assets is the focus of Ronald’s scientific expertise to capture the strategy essential for superior performance regardless of market trends.


Bachelor of Science Degree from Texas A&M University from the college of Agriculture and life Sciences focused on the Renewable Natural Resources, ecology, forestry, range, wildland, wildlife management and other environmental sciences.

Professional Education

Gulf States School of Finance and Insurance. Certified F&I Professional Program for arranging instore funding and creating a level of competency with the state and federal regulations

DaimlerChrysler Business Manager Certification Program. Encouraging focus on maintaining a high performance standard along with high customer satisfaction.

Service Lloyds of London Insurance School and Training in Service Life and Casualty insurance.

DaimlerChrysler Business Management Program for automotive Finance and Insurance, for Chrysler Financial and Chrysler Service Contracts.

DaimlerChrysler Dealer Development Program

The University of Texas Tyler Texas Project Lead the Way Course at focused on Design & Modeling along with Automation & Robotics.

Region 6 Robotic workshop building and programming robotics engineering systems using sensors, motors, and controllers
Institute for Teachers Teaching the Gifted and Talented with annual updates. Includes the nature and needs of gifted and talented students, assessing student needs, and curriculum and instruction for gifted students.

Professional Responsibility workshop – Focusing on teaching methods and responsibilities for educators. Planning instruction and assessments around developmental needs as well as diverse student backgrounds.

Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented Conference Houston, TX. Many breakout sessions to help teachers meet the unique needs of their gifted and talented students through awareness, advocacy and action.

TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Conference and Exposition. Engaging students and preparing them for their future.

Employment History

Investment Advisor | Consultant, Vice President
2015-Current – Cantu Tactical Wealth Management
Ronald is a registered investment advisor for the states of Florida, California and Texas. He conducts strategy analysis for a client’s asset allocation selections for momentum performance regardless of Market trends. Strategy positions include global equities, commodities, international securities and fixed income investments. Some strategies focus on growth while others key on higher dividend income potential. The types of accounts Ronald works with include IRAs, Defined Benefit Plans, 401(k)s, Profit Sharing Plans, Rabbi Trusts and individual personal investment portfolios.

2005-2015 – Montgomery Independent School District – responsibilities: Teaching, Coaching Golf and Football, Technology Trainer. Ronald taught 7th grade science educating students about the world around them. He also taught Project Lead the Way classes to 7th and 8th graders facilitating their passion in the STEM initiative and getting students interested in engineering at a young age. Along with his teaching responsibilities he was the Head Jr. High golf coach which also included planning and scheduling tournaments. He was also part of the football staff in Montgomery, coaching linebackers, running backs and fullbacks

Youth Director
2000-2014 – Youth Director for St. James Conroe – Worked with and organized events and activities for students from 7th to 12th grade. His role included fundraising, budgeting, planning and taking students on mission trips across the country.

Finance and Sales Director
1984–2004 – Jimmy Copeland Dealerships – Ronald had a 20 year career in the auto industry. During his time there he served in many positions including director of finance, sales, and vice president of sales and marketing. Ronald was a valuable asset to the dealership helping negotiate everything from leases of dealer owned properties to the eventual sale of the corporation in 2004.

Community and Volunteer Work

Saint James Episcopal Church
2 term Vestry Member
Jr. Warden
Sr. Warden
Sunday School Teacher
Jr. High EYC Sponsor

Camp Allen
Session Co. Director

Saint James Episcopal School
School Board Member
Fund Raising Committee
Playground Development Committee

Creighton Community Theater
Board Member
Finance Committee Board
Occasional Actor (When they were in desperate need of an extra.)

Conroe Yacht Club
Jr. Sailing Coach
Vice Commodore

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